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        Should You Be Starting a Startup?

        A version of this post will be published on SynBioBeta. Let's call it like it is. Being in startups and better yet being a founder has been the hot ticket for a ... Find out more

        Life Science Start-Ups: Financings, Modelling and Valuations

        In December of 2013, I was invited to give a presentation to a group of MD and PhD researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, which is one of the largest ... Find out more

        Entrepreneurship is tough… but love is tougher

        Successful entrepreneurs love what they do I have heard this cliché 2,189 times.  That might not be an exact count, but it is within the ballpark As someone who questions most things, ... Find out more

        Synthetic Biology Startup Bonanza: Biotechstart @SynBioBeta

        Now in it's second year, the startup conference focusing on Synthetic Biology or SynBio will be held in SF.  Yours truly will be giving a short update talk but mostly ... Find out more

        BiotechStart Conversations – Michael Koeris of Sample6

        I am happy to announce the first instalment of our BiotechStart Conversations.   In these, I will be interviewing a wide range of biotechnology entrepreneurs with the aim of understanding how ... Find out more

        How to Divide Co-founder Equity

        "Co-founder equity" brings to mind a small group of entrepreneurs huddled in a basement, feverishly working days, nights and weekends to launch a start-up.  There are a number of prominent ... Find out more

        Government life sci start-up incentives (and Moneyball)

        My last article identified issues with government incentive programs for life science generated some buzz.  I received a number of comments and messages from readers ranging from total agreement to ... Find out more

        Problem with government life sci start-up incentives

        I must admit that I was politically indifferent for most of my life, but there was a sharp and sudden change when I entered the world of life science start-ups. ... Find out more

        Start-Up Info & Advice – Signal or Noise?

        As someone relatively new to life science start-ups, one of the biggest challenges I struggle with is distinguishing signal from noise.  There is no shortage of offline and online information ... Find out more

        How to be a life science VC (sort of)

        There is no shortage of people who want to be life science VCs, and a complete shortage of opportunities.  Not only are life science VC firms relatively few-and-far-between, but most ... Find out more

        MDs as Angel Investors?

        If the customer is always right, then why not make them an investor?  This might seem like an obvious statement, but I think it has powerful implications for start-ups in ... Find out more

        Interns are the new best friend of the lean biotech startup

        It was really painful to see promising bioentrepreneurs in Boston struggling to find the specialized facilities, mentors and community to take their innovative ideas and bring them to market. We believed ... Find out more

        How to raise a seed round!

        Question: How do I raise a seed round? Answer: By raising a series A! -- I apologize if this comment seems rhetorical (or, for those struggling to raise a seed round, insensitive), but ... Find out more

        Do angel tax incentives really matter?

        Recently, I have heard much discussion in Canada and internationally about offering tax incentives to angel investors in life science deals.  Typically, these tax incentives are either or both of (i) ... Find out more

        Financial reporting for life science start-ups (part 3)

        In my opinion, one of the most challenging (but also rewarding) aspects of running a life science start-up is juggling the competing demand to see the big-picture, high-level stuff, with ... Find out more

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